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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Like My Women How I Like My Coffee...

Strong, black, finely ground and kept in 8-10 plastic canisters in the driest regions of the house, underneath the floorboards.

But, wait... What's this? news~NEWS: This weekend we celebrate the migration of the , ahem... ~R00~sters with free beatdowns in tf2 all weekend, biting our lips with anticipation for the engineer update...cursing every goddamn living being that dares to invade our personal computers. We are only to be soothed by the surely incoming psychedelic drugs and beta waves which will infect our community once again. We browse the Links here @ Dream Book'd and notice new additions to Jacred's figs as we give ourselves (and our little Chancey) haircuts.

What can we be missing?... For those of you trying to plan out a successful summer, I'll let you decide on July 2nd.


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