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Thursday, June 17, 2010

tour journal #1673

so tonight i head out for the completion of third leg of open mic fight nights tour around the lovely jackson tn. firtle turtle is where im headed.

its been a real hefty tour. plenty of drunk whores, bar fights, and god talks.

i decided i really would like to do another spring break 06.
lets secret society our asses to some coast line. and chill hard.
think of the gooney golf. and the water parks. and the thrill rides.

i hate my self for leaving panama city beach florida

as maybe you can tell from the beach bitching. ive been pretty nostalgic lately.

if you care to take the time to remember with me
heres a few links

personally i think we were awesome little kids

lets go to the beach for real

peace bitches

the sun


  1. Nostalgia'd hard.

    I am going to be in Jackson this weekend and we may chill

    + July 2nd, 3rd,
    4th you should come to boro in order to fulfill Last Airbender movie, Lightning Bolt and celebrate
    independence in that order.

    As far as the beach goes, my
    summer might be a little too busy but I would love to try that during fall break.

    Also how about another aquarium trip to say, oh the LARGEST ONE IN THE WORLD!!!


  2. ALSO WATCH THIS IN 1080p fullscreen

    If I make it to japam soon I know what I will have to do.

    =^.^=八 (^□^*) アクウェリアムの時間! ! ! !

  3. xtra grats brah on doubles get

  4. that video was just phenomenal. all the pretty crits

    i think we should seriously look into the atlanta aquarium
    that shit would be bangin


    the aquarium fish