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Saturday, July 31, 2010


earlier today PAPANOELSTROM submitted a video for the goog-en-hiem project. this is the video and statment we sent so those no good hippie beatnik scum:

"This began as a sonic experiment approximately 2 years ago. We wanted our music to portray the psychological effects of adolescent development amidst a maelstrom of hyperlink culture and high fructose corn syrup consumption. The visuals were planted in our subconscious by Apillownius, the muse of the information super highway. The pillows represent the malable minds of present day youth. Our ideas came out on film as they came into our own soft heads: rough and unfiltered. A portion of the audio is sampled from Youtube's own Old Man Tyree. The remaining score captures the death rattle of our collection of circuit bent children's toys. There were no effects added during post production. We used an archaic VHS camcorder that could not adjust to light. This camera was chosen because of its response to ambient light and strobe effects."


  1. Also... Harp bringeth triples ^

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  2. >>mfw when triples O)))_(((O