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Monday, August 2, 2010

Next Big Tourney?

I would like some input on what we can do about another Pokemon tournament. There was talk of another party, but that is only if everyone wants it again. Soooo:

This can go different ways:

The Old Standard: We do IT again: choose our gyms and a new trainer.

Iron Chef: We hold a standard tournament with both single and/or double battles. The "secret ingredient" would be a universal restriction. It could be a move, item, only 1st evo stage, etc. We choose the ingredient by unanimous decision the day before the matches.

Fav's: We could battle with our favorite teams and/or have a unrestricted day of battles.

???: Whatever you guys can think of.

So Let's think of dates and times. Everyone cool with the palace again? We could do it in J-town if need be. This pokabu would like to do this sometime in the next 2 weeks. We could look for new badges and/or build a trophy for the winner in the meantime.


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