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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gods And GellyFishes

as the three of them sat alone along the empty beach enjoying what the small moment that could have only been allotted to them by some unheard of god because certainly the god that the captain was used to had just smite ol' new orleans. it just could not be the one and the same god. surely there are many ponders the walk in the panthers ears. the captain has been going since the sun went down yesterday and through rounds and rounds of makeshift beer pong bullshit panther and walked somehow managed to continue on trudging with the captain throughout the night. the merchant and the martian just said fuck it and slept the night through. so off they go. down the stairs. cool warm breeze blowing through the walks hair. he looks retarded. we all look retarded. god dammit. anyways the hours drift by and by. ill just skip over this part because the Captain was very drunk and very outspoken and very belligerent and very annoying. so i will spare you all of the ignorant prattle dressed up and paraded around like those young girls that have parents that make them start walking fucking straight pageant walks as toddlers. sick. i digress. fuck it

i guess we are right back to where we started. we see three young boys under the influence of all of the scum and trash of america that we could pile up. they have never seen a sunrise before. as awful as maybe there tender bellys may feel from the ungodly ammounts of booze they remain calm. they sit their youth aside for a moment and accept this gorgeous sunrise for every thing that it is. to this day they are still not grown ups. but in that moment they felt it all.

picture this please.

all at once the boys emerge from their chosen spots in the sand. they want to wake the morning up. a guy told me that that was impossible. and i split his fucking lip. they ran down into the chilly ocean. do you see the sun coming up behind them? it was going to be a glorious day.

somethings wrong.
the panther is the first to yowl. but once it pops the fun don't stop. many a tourist were awoken to the screeches of these three boys. a swarm of jelly fish just happened to be in the exact spot that they dove face first into. here they were on the cusp of the best day of their lives. beautiful sunrise. they tried so hard for just those moments to truly make that day a dream come true.
so in closing i guess i say that that moment is a dream come true for those three boys. find me some one else that tells of this story. until then it is their dream only.

p.s. i would also like to point out that after all of the captains babbling about his god and who he was worshiping that month/what smart christian beautiful young lady he was fucking and corupting that day.

i just want to say that if your god is real. he smite you with jellyfish on that warm breezy morn.


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