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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The GLORY Within Us

This was bound to happen one way or another, so here it is, in it's original form...

"The Glory Within Us"

by Lord L.W. Tennyson

It’s an extremely cold night the frost has just laid on the already frozen field. The moon hasn’t shined so bright since the night of the tornadoes! But that is later. So I have been looking at that sky for the longest. My phone rings it’s them! “Hey’baby what are you doing?” a strange voiced into my ear. I never trusted them but I was still there. “I am looking around for you where you are?” I asked backed into the phone. But my voice didn’t call out much because I was so cold. The phone rings again” hey we are over here by the trees waiting for you! Me and my friend can’t wait to see you and know your ok” the girl said to me through the phone to me! So I began to walk their direction! Then out of nowhere thru the tree line here came three guys I didn’t know what they wanted but I know it had to be! They were carrying a night stick and brass knuckles! I just stood there and watched them walk up to me they were so disfigured and they were the junk of crap! But they were 3 guys about 5’8 thru 6 feet. They wanted to mean business wearing all dark clothes. But they slowly walked my way in my head I was hoping they would leave me alone but I saw it in their eyes. They came up to me with hot steamy breath that didn’t smell good at all. They all had teeth missing and they all had deep whiny voices. But to me I was ready for anything. They asked me in a calm but stern voice “give me your shit” I replied “Fuck you go to hell” then I punched him in the neck and face as hard and quick as I could but not quick enough! I got side swiped and took the full blow of a night stick to my jaw. But I got up spit blood into their faces and punched the next one and then I got hit in the face again with the night stick and this time it broke and I was lying on the ground. Then he said nicely with a kick to my side what are you doing out here? I told him to burn in hell! He didn’t like that too much and told me I should’ve never said that with a full kick to the face! Blood is everywhere I couldn’t stop from tasting the warm salty taste of blood. I began to look up from the ground and dropped kicked one of the guys so hard I grabbed my knife he took off me and slit his face open. After that they let me get up and fight some more but I was too much in pain that I decided to run away as fast as I could! I got away up to my grandparents and took one last stand to make sure no one was coming rung the doorbell and fainted. The blood drained from the wounds I acquired for fighting them. But I didn’t let them know the hurt and pain that shot through my body. They answered the door they said and told me afterwards I was in very bad shape. Then I do remember lifting my head up and them putting ice on my face and making me call my parents. The next five minutes were the longest I have ever faced in my life. I talked to them on the phone calmly with my mom asking “honey what happened tell me the truth” with a concerned voice. But all I did was lie to her. But then they hung up the phone and I don’t remember much after that. I do remember the feeling of the blood slowly creeping down my face into my mouth. It had a salty taste to it. I was in the back of their Tahoe blood slowly covering the rag with the bag of ice inside. I got to the hospital and what they told me shocked even my parents. So we are waiting in a cold small room with other patients waiting on the doctor. But my mom worked for the hospital and got me in as quickly as possible. Then the doctor made me take these x-rays and I didn’t want to do it because I was in too much pain. But the doctors explained to me after I stood in the dark small room where they did the x-ray and told me I was fine. That I had a mild concussion! I was so relieved that I got out of the beating with minor injury! But then they told me I would have to not work for at least a week due to my arms and body not having the energy to do much. So during that week I had surgery done to remove the broken tooth and put one back into my mouth. A week had past, during this time I had a lot of friends praying for me and hoping I got better fast. Then my former boss’s sister called me up and told me if that I wanted to go to revival with them I could! I replied “sure I would like to go it sounds like fun!” Then as I went to the revival that night, I saw her as usual she was beautiful but I never expected what happened that night! As I watched her I questioned if I should call out her name or not! Then I decided to call out her name! Her name was Sara. When she saw me and that I was ok she ran up to me with the joy and happiness as a wife of a soldier being gone for war. She jumped into my arms and I fell to the ground in pain and in happiness. She grasped me so tightly I thought I would die then and there and die happy. But she sat next to me and began to cry and whispered “I thought I lost you forever”! I told her that she could never lose me. I held her hand and I never let it go for the next several months. She was my angel and I loved her! She was so amazing to me. She had beautiful brown hair and the most amazing smile with those deep hazel eyes that could look through your soul. I was amazed that I have earned this and that I have won this heart. I looked at her smiling at me and I whispered in her ear “do you want to know what kept me alive?” She looked at me and asked me “what did you think of?” I told her looking deep in her eyes with a tear of pain from my heart and my head and said “you baby!” She just blushed and smiled at me and said with this expression of confusion and surprise “why me?” I looked at her with a smile and then the lights began to dim for the choir to sing and I took her hand and said “why do you think I am always sweet to you?” She looked at me and said “I have no clue why don’t you tell me” she started playing with her hair and started to blush and get close to me. I said “I don’t know you should think about it.” She then gave me a look I will never forget with eyes as big as dinner plates and open as ever and looked at me and questioned what I had just said. I then enjoy the choir sing the hymn and sat back knowing I have what I needed in life and then I realized that it had just started. As I was laying my head down she nudged me gently and told me “hey get up its over.” As usual I was limping due to the pain and the medicine that was kicking in. I watched her walk away and slowly I made it to her and introduced myself to her parents and they questioned everything but then asked me “so are u ok?” I told them “yeah I’m fine now” as I walked away. She looked at me and said to her parents “I’m going to walk with him” so she walked with me and I was so excited. When I got to the car she grabbed me with the intentions of the best and wrapped her arms around me and told me she was glad I came. I sat down and realized the happiness I brought her when I was there and with her. I watched her walk away and I waved bye. Then as we drove off they looked at me and one of the four in the car asked me jokingly how it felt to be taken over by a girl. I laughed softly due to the pain. So I laid my head on the car window and about ten minutes later I was home. The next morning I woke up to the sun beating on my face brightly and not letting go. The sun was hot and relentless. So I got up slowly and in pain and as I realized what time it was I laid in bed for about another hour and I waited on a phone call. I received the phone call about give or take ten minutes later but seemed like an eternity. When I heard the voice over the phone that was hot and uncomfortable to put against my ear I was shocked. “Hey how are you doing? I got your number through the phonebook. I wanted to hear your voice.” As I lay in the bed and I answered her back saying “that is this I don’t remember who you are. I am sorry I want to.” Then she replied “it’s me from church.” I replied “oh! So what are you doing right now?” she told me “nothing” but in her voice was stress and fear. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was dating a guy for a couple weeks and she didn’t like him and told me to scare him away. Three hours later I went to her house and decided to hangout. We decided to go to the park. So the weather outside was a nice 76 degrees and sunny. So she decided to wear some shorts that made me never take my eyes off of her. So at the park the guy she was seeing showed up and I looked at her and she looked back with fear in her eyes and ran up to me. He came up to me and looked at me and said in a deep raspy voice “why do you keep running from me bitch get over here and talk to me.” After he said that I looked at him and said “hey what is your problem? Cuss at her one more time!” I looked at him and then as he looked at her and said “I said now bitch” that was all he got out as a punch hit him in the jaw. I had hit him as hard as I could and I didn’t stop until I drew blood and then I looked at him and said “say it one more time.” The anger flowed through my body and I was stopped by this sweet voice that said to me “stop your making it worse I don’t want to lose you again.” So I quit hitting him and got up and walked to my car and opened the door for her and we both went to her house and hung out there. When we got there she looked at me with a smile and asked me what I wanted to do. I replied with a smile and said “I want to be in your life and make you happy.” She looked at me and said “I want to be with you and I know you would make me happy.” As we opened the door the house was cold and dark. It was very weird walking in the house that was cold and dark because I never wanted to remind myself of the night of everything. So I held her hand and we both walked in the house and back into her room. She turned the light on; the light made the room bright and let me see her. I walked up to her I gently nudged her face towards mine and she looked at me and smiled. We began to talk and then I looked at her and said “I love you. I always have.” She then looked at me and said that I was the sweetest guy she ever knew. I looked at her and she looked back the moment was never better. She came slowly towards me and looked at me closely and swiped her hair towards me and slowly came towards my face and kissed me. We kissed for at least about ten to fifteen seconds but the kiss was warm and gentle. Her lips were soft and wet. She was also holding me and my hand tight and close to her warm body. My hand began to slowly go up her side. I then began to touch her leg and I lifted her upon the bed and she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said I love you. Then I laid her down into the bed and began to kiss her more and softly on her lips that tasted like watermelon. She had been wearing this lip gloss that tasted of watermelon. Then I began to grasp her breast and I took her bra off and laid it to the side. We began to kiss again more furious and heavy. She began to gasp as my mouth lay upon her breast and as she enjoyed it. She laid me back and then took my shirt off and began to kiss my chest that had scars and bruises of my past. Then she begins to rub me gently and softly on my side. Then I softly grabbed her leg and I began to take of her underwear and I began to feel her heat. When I began to foreplay with her she moaned softly and grabbed my hair and rubbed my head also. As I bring pleasure to her and she moans softly and her nipples are small but hard and I notice them and mess with them. Then afterwards as she was moaning and squirms around. I began to get on top of her to make love to her perfect and beautiful body of a princess. As I began to make love to her she looked at me and said “baby I love you and I never want to lose you ever in my life or death.” I began to thrust and feel her body against mine and feel us connect in a way no other could describe. After about fifteen minutes of having sex we finished up and took a nice hot shower together and the whole time I was in there with her I held her close and told her I loved her. I walked out that house with her beside me holding my hand and she looked at me and said that I was the best thing to ever happen to her. While I was closing the door to the car I saw lightning flash behind me. So I got home as quickly as possible due to it being February our tornado season. As I drove home the sky began to darken like the darkness of a night with no moon. So the night was calm but there in the distance were flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. Which those made me feel very uneasy! I was driving faster than I ever expected to drive that night. I got to my house as the storm hit. I turned my television on to the pounding rain and loud thunder outside. I was astonished that it could be so violent. But as I turned the channel to the news I got a glimpse of close lightning and it was bright as day and the house shook with the thunder. So I watched the news and on the screen it was showing the town to the southwest of us getting hit by a violent tornado on live television. So the rain stopped and the wind quit blowing, all was quiet through the house. Then the power flickered on and off. As I got news the school got hit by a tornado I got in my car going to try to get to Sarah’s house to make sure she is ok. As I was driving the silence turned into a loud rumble and then pitch black. The car began to shake violently and fiercely due to the wind. I thought I was safe from the storm in my car but I was wrong. The glass busted and went all over my body and I got several cuts from it. Then the car door violently got ripped off and thrown to the side about 100 feet. The wind was so powerful it felt like it was tearing me apart. I looked down to see I was bleeding from my right forearm from a deep gash and I looked to the side. There was nothing and I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not. So as I was praying to God the winds calmed and all was quiet. The moon began to shine again and in the horizon the storm moved on. I got out of my car, well what was left of it. I lost my driver side door and the hood. The back and front windshield were busted out. I looked at my arm as it was bleeding quickly and going over my already wet clothes. My clothes began to turn a dark red as the blood began to stain my shirt. So I began to rip my shirt and make a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. I began to start walking in the dark and make my way to her house. There were flashes of light as lightning flashed through the sky. I was astonished as I walked down the street and looked at the families get out of their damaged houses. I looked at their faces with blood and dirt on every one of them. I was amazed how someone could live through such a devastating disaster. So I walked on and saw that there were power lines down everywhere. But I kept walking; I didn’t stop for anything for I knew that if I stopped I would not make it. But I watched as the sky went from pitch black to a dim star lit night. The moon was dim, but it gave just enough light to see the road. The road had debris all over it. As I turned the corner I saw this old man and he was lying on his side. His clothes were red and damp from the amount of blood that was coming from his side and his back. I came up to his left and helped him sit up. He has a gash on his side the size of a quarter and his back had several deep cuts. I helped him to his feet. When I helped him to his feet he asked me who I was I told him my name was John. I asked him his name and he replied “I don’t remember my name.” I told him everything would be ok and I would help him get help. Then out in the distance I saw a truck and I flagged them down with my red stained shirt. They slowed down and stopped and asked us where we were headed. I answer them and said “I found this old man lying on the road I think he is hurt badly.” “We are headed five miles down the road if you could give us a ride.” He replied with a deep raspy voice “sure I will be glad to help, get in!” So as I helped the man into the truck he looked at me and replied “God has a plan for you young man.” I told him with a smile on my face “thank you!” Then I got into the back of the pickup and I closed the door. My arm’s bleeding had slowed to almost a stop but I was weak from the amount of blood I had lost. So I thought I would lay my head down against the window and get some rest. As I did the truck began to slow to a stop again and the driver told me “we are here!” So I opened the door and got out. The old man whom I helped looked and told me with happiness and sadness in his eyes and said “go with God and find who you are looking for.” So I came up to her house and it was leveled. There was nothing left of it. It reminded me of the footage you see on television of bombs going off. So I ran up to the house and realized they were not in the house. So as I ran to the debris and destroyed house I realized that I wasn’t late. I heard screams and cries for help. I began to lift debris and pieces of wood and glass as fast as I could. Every time I lifted a piece I was afraid for the worst. I didn’t know what to expect or what kind of shape they would be in. I didn’t quit I just keep digging and picking up debris. The screams got louder the closer I got to them. Minutes passed, then an hour I thought I would never get to them. Out of the debris I saw this hand, as I reached for it I felt it. The blow nearly took my head off. A limb from above had fallen and struck me on the top of my head. I felt the top of my forehead to find out I had started to bleed softly. I wasn’t worried about it though. All I cared about was getting them out safely and them being ok. I finally got enough debris off one of them to pull them out. It was her mom and she was ok. I replied to her to get against the stump and rest. I kept digging, the screams began to fade. I heard her tell me to leave her but I wasn’t giving up. I lifted and threw debris all over the place until I reached her. She was bleeding from her side from where a piece of wood had gone into her. I told her “hey I’m going to have to pull it out!” She shook her head and told me “no” loudly but I didn’t stop. I grabbed it and pulled slowly and hard but it didn’t nudge. I pulled harder and slowly it came out. The blood went everywhere when I got the piece of wood out. I took my tourniquet off my arm and ribbed the rest of my shirt off. I tied it around her to slow the bleeding but it didn’t help. I just watched how the blood poured out her and stained the shirt and I looked at her. She then looked at me and told me “I’m getting weak I don’t think I am going to make it.” I looked and replied to her and said “I am going to go look for help.” As I walked away I heard her tell me softly “please don’t leave me!” As I back towards her she looked at me and smiled and said “I love you”, after which she fainted. I ran up to her and held her in my arms and began to carry her. I looked everywhere for help and I couldn’t find any. So I looked at her and told her I didn’t know if anyone was coming. Then in the distance I saw lights and the figure of a van coming slowly down the road. I looked at her as she looked back and smiled and said “I’m glad you found me I was scared.” So as the van got closer I looked at her and began to lift her and she moaned in pain. But I as the van pulled up they rolled the window down and asked if we were ok. I replied to them “I think she is hurt bad and I need help.” So as they helped me put her in the van they asked me if I was fine. I replied “I’m okay and I am more worried about her then me!” So I looked down at my arm and it didn’t look good at all. But I looked at her and she smiled and said “I love you!” Then I began to walk towards her house and looked at it and I watched the van as it left. She tried to get up and wave but she couldn’t do it. As I began to walk away from the house, the roof came down as I looked away. The storm may have taken everything but my spirit wasn’t down and I haven’t given up yet. So the lightning that had made the sky bright moved on into the horizon. So as I was walking to the street corner I looked up to see planes and helicopters going by and then one of the helicopters landed down the street. I looked to see who it was; I was astounded as I looked at her. It was my old friend whom I dated when I was younger. Her name was Shea and she looked at me and ran up to me. She looked at my arm and asked me if I was ok I replied “yeah, I am fine.” She looked at me glad I was ok and said with a smiling face “when I heard what happened I got here the best I could.” So we began to walk and try not to step on the nails and debris all over the place. So it was beginning to be a pretty night and there were all kinds of lights and flashes everywhere. The storm was gone and the flashes were from cops and ambulances, they were everywhere. So as we walked down the street the damage became less and was not as bad. But the storm didn’t miss them it ripped the shingles off the roofs and etc… but I was amazed. Shea and I began to talk and she told me that she was doing well and that her mom was doing well also. I was glad when I heard that everything going good with her life and family. So we walked to the nearest tent and got me medical attention and to take care of my arm and my side. But I didn’t want to do but I did anyways. The medical doctor that saw me told me that I was going to need to rest and not do anything. But I didn’t listen to them. I was on my feet after I got bandaged and went looking for Shea. When I found her she looked at me and said “you look like hell” laughing at me. But I looked at her and said “help me find my girl friend she is somewhere in this mess.” She looked at me and nodded her head as to say okay. So we began to ask everyone if they saw someone that described a picture I had of her. We came up to this old couple and they were sitting as if they were tired and stressed out. I came up to them and asked them if they saw her. Then with a smile on their face they replied to me “we have seen her she left on the helicopter about an hour ago.” So I looked at Shea and asked her where she was going and she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Then I had someone look at me and say “she is going to midtown to get more help.” So I looked at Shea and told her that we had to get there. We both started towards the helicopter to go to midtown. It must have taken about five minutes to get the copter going but it seemed like an eternity. As soon as we left the ground it was beginning to become dawn. The sun was slowly creeping above the horizon and I was not able to keep my eyes from watering when I looked at the devastation. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! There was nothing left of the town. I couldn’t believe that the houses that once stood there were at least a hundred feet away from their foundations. So I began to look forward to hope that the devastation would end but it continued for miles. When we arrived at midtown she looked at me and said “there are a lot of people here. It may take us a while to find her.” But I looked her and said “I will stop at nothing to find her!” She smiled at me and said then we better find her then. So as we looked for her I began to get tired for I haven’t slept all night. So I was passing room 102 C of the hospital and when I looked in I saw her. She was laying there asleep and I looked at her and went to hold her hand. When I began to hold her hand she woke up and smiled when she saw me. She held my hand softly and whispered to me “I knew you would find me.” I looked at her and went to kiss her. I gave her a kiss on her lips and I looked at her and replied “I’m not going anywhere I’m here for you.” As I said that I began to go to sleep holding her hand. I woke up several hours later to a gentle touch and a smiling face. She looked at me and said that I needed to go get some rest. I didn’t argue I went to the next room and laid my head down and dosed off again. I woke up a couple hours later to a doctor checking on me and my wounds. I looked at him and told him to go look at my girl friend and he didn’t listen to me. He just walked away into the dark hallway. I went into the next room and I walked up to her and she looked at me and smiled. She replied to me “baby what are we doing here what happened.” I answered her and said that she was thrown from her house and that she was going to be handicapped. She looked at me and began to cry with a soft raspy voice. But I wouldn’t let her go on in life without my help. The rehab took about three months and by that time the town began to be full of life. There were a lot of new businesses and buildings. I began to walk to Sarah’s house to see how she was doing. When I arrived there I began to not be able to catch my breath. But like any other day I used my inhaler. Then I walked up the door and I rang the doorbell. She came up the door in the wheelchair and looked at me and smiled. I looked at her and I bent down to kiss her and rub her face. She looked at me and said “hey I’m glad you’re here I’ve missed you.” About that time as I was getting settled next to her on the couch, the door flung open. It nearly missed me and her both! As we were sitting there these two men with masks came in and began to beat Sarah. The first blow she took was to her stomach. The next three were too her face and those drew a lot of blood and it broke her nose. Her face was bleeding heavily. Then one of them looked at me and came at me. I looked him as he began to raise his fist and I hit him as hard as I could and went over to Sarah to help her. The jerk that had beaten her tried to get away and I looked at her laying there hurting again but not dying. Then I had a shortness of breath again and I began to lie down. At that time I looked at her and said “I love you more than anything else.” She smiled and at that time before I fainted and was the last thing I remembered I looked at her and asked her to marry me. I woke up in the coldness I haven’t felt in a long time. I looked around and saw that I was in the hospital. So as I slowly regained consciousness I looked around and asked what happened. They looked at me and told me that I had an asthma attack and I have to stay for a while. As I looked around the room for Sarah she was nowhere to be found and I asked the nurse where she was. The nurse looked at me and replied that she had gone downstairs to get something to eat. About ten minutes later she came up there and she never looked so beautiful. I looked at her and she saw I was awake and came and kissed me and tell me she was so scared. I looked her and told her I loved her more than the world itself. She looked back at me wearing the ring I gave her. I looked at her and told her I would be okay. So during the three hours of waiting for a new room, we talked and I asked her about the day before and she looked at me and told me that I asked her to marry her. She then looked at me and told me “you think that’s a proposal?” She smiled at me and kissed my lips then sat down. As time passed I passed out several times and every time I awoke I saw her. The third time I awoke I saw her and mom sitting next to her and both of them were asleep. I looked at them both and told them that I was ok. About that time the doctor came in and told me that I could go home. When I got that news I was so relieved and ready to leave. So as I began to get ready to leave, she looked at me and asked me “do u think I can take you out?” I looked at her and told her “I would like that a lot.” So as we left she was smiling until we got home. When we got home I received a letter from the army telling me that I was needed over sea. As I read the letter to her she began to cry. I knew what I had to do and it wasn’t what she wanted. So as the days passed the time came to leave. I looked at her and realized I may never see her again. But I knew that it would help our family. I walked out the door and I looked back at her and she cried nonstop. So as I walked to the car she held my hand the whole way until we got to the airport. I waited patiently for the convoy of buses to arrive. As we waited she kissed me multiple times and hugged me more then I could count. So the buses arrived and I knew that I had to leave. So as I walked toward the bus she looked at me and told me that she would be waiting for me to come home alive. So I gave her our last kiss and I held her in my arms and tightly held her in my arms. She began to cry softly and I looked at her and told her “I will be coming home and keep a watchful eye for Me.” She nodded her head and I walked onto the bus. I waited for the bus to leave and sat in an uncomfortable chair and I looked out the window and waved goodbye. So as the buses left I went to sleep and woke up about two hours later. As I woke to the sun beaming down on my face I looked out into a new air force base. The bus stopped and I walked out of the bus slowly. The air was hot and muggy as if I was in the heart of a jungle. I was just so amazed that it could get so hot. So as walked to the barracks I decided to see the new recruits. There were a few new guys but nothing important. Then I began to realize the hell I had gotten myself into. I began to walk towards the mess hall and I realized I wanted to go home. I didn’t want to be there anymore but I knew if I tried to go home I would be looked down on. So I began to walk to the place I would be staying. It wasn’t a holiday inn but it would do. The building was in nice shape with no shutters or anything missing and it was quite new. So I walked in the building and the first thing I noticed was the sudden rush of cool air going down my spine. So I went to my room and when I walked in I told myself it isn’t home but it will do. So I lay down on my bed and I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up and looked around and thought to myself I need a shower. So I began to walk to the shower and as I was opening the bathroom door I was thrown onto the ground. Then I heard the ringing in my ears as if I had heard a blast. I got up and realized that the building was bombed. I walked down the hall and had to jump over the rubble of devastation and body parts. I looked at the arm of a young boy that had been blown off his body. I just keep trying to keep my mind on her and get home to her. I continued to walk to leave the building and as I got to the door I was hit. I was dropped in five seconds. I looked around and grabbed my 9mm semi pistol that was be my side and raised it. When I saw the terrorist I unloaded my clip to fight them off. Bullets flew all around me and pieces of the building hit me as the bullets hit the side of it. They didn’t stop there as I looked to see where I had been hit I realized I was hit in my side. It hurt severely and I didn’t know if it would kill me. I didn’t really care all I want was to get home to my family. So I saw this young man huddled in the corner and I looked at him and he was so scared. I asked him if he knew where any other guns where he looked at me and shook his head yes. As he began to run towards the street the dirt was flying everywhere like a dust storm full of bullets. I looked at the two girls besides me they stood no chance. They got hit multiple times in the chest and head and blood went and sprayed everywhere. But I didn’t give up I looked at the boy and asked him” how much further?” he looked at me and told me “around the corner”. As we passed the corner I looked in a building that held several ak-47s ad m-16s and I grabbed an ak-47 and an m-16 and grabbed a lot of ammo. Then I left the building and began to fire back at them. When I did that they turned towards me and began to fire nonstop at me. I was hit three times total twice in the side and once in the chest. I fell to my knees because I knew that this was most likely the end to everything. So I closed my eyes and dreamed away. I woke up to bright lights and a comfortable bed. I looked around I didn’t know where I was. Then an officer came in and told me that I was seriously hurt and that I couldn’t go back state side until I could walk again. So I got up to realize I had a missing leg. I couldn’t realize how hard it was going to try to be able to walk again. So about six in the morning the next day the doctor came walking in with crutches and asked me what I wanted to do. I look at him and told him I just wanted to go home. He then left the room and came back with the papers I needed to get home and signed them. I looked at him and thanked him. I got up with his help and he handed me the crutch and I started to walk to the door. When I got next to the door I heard a boom and saw a flash. A R.P.G hit the hospital door about twenty feet from where I was standing. I looked at the rubble and limped to the armory in the basement but I had to walk past rubble with blood and body parts laying everywhere. There where limbs and arms and legs all across the ground. Then when I got down the hallway and up to the elevator door the door opened. When I walked in I pressed the button I leaned against the wall. As I reached the basement I began to tire. I looked around for the weapons and I found them in the corner. I grabbed two pistols and ammo. I then grabbed the assault rifle and three magazines. I walked to the stairs this time as the power was flickering on and off by this time and I didn’t want to take a chance. But I looked at myself and told myself it is the only way I will be able to go home to her. So I began to painfully go up the stairs. I made it to the top and looked out the door and saw there was nobody there. Then I walked out and realized that I wasn’t alone. They were waiting for me to come out. I saw them behind the cars and I looked at them. I then fired at one of them and hit him in the head. Blood splattered against the window behind him as the bullet passed through his head. He then dropped to his knee and lay down as the blood flowed through his head. Then I saw another and aimed and fired three rounds at him. All three of them hit home and hit him in the neck, the chest, and then the head. Blood splattered everywhere as the bullets hit him. As I looked for the third I got hit in the chest. I was wearing a bulletproof vest but the impact brought me to the ground. I laid there with the hot sun beaming into my eyes. I looked up as the dirt around me blew in my face. I then tried to get back on my feet but my injuries prior to the incident wouldn’t let me. So I reached for the side of the car and reached up and stood on my one leg and got up. I looked around and saw that I had survived with just cuts and bruises. I looked around for something to help me walk. I decided to just use my rifle to walk with so I unloaded the clip and magazine and used it to walk with. I looked around and realized that everyone in the hospital is looking around to see what happened. A doctor walked outside and helped me to get cleaned up and get to the bus to be sent state wise. So as they were cleaning up my cuts, scrapes, and dirt all over me. So when they were finished they drove me out to the base and let me get on the bus to be sent to the airstrip to be sent home. As I was in the bus I got about an hour of rest and then I woke up at the airstrip. I got out the bus and looked around at the barren waste land I have almost lost my life fighting for. I went up to the plane and began to get into my seat. I realized then I was heading home. About three hours later I was landing at the airport. When I got out of the plane I saw her waiting for me. She never looked any happier to see me then when we first met. She ran up to me and jumped into my arms and I caught her. She never looked more beautiful then what she did that day. She was wearing a bright red dress that showed her curves off nicely and made me glad to see her. I held her tight in my arms and told her “I love you and I won’t be leaving you again”! When she heard that she looked at me and kissed me softly on my lips. I was so glad to be home! That’s when I saw her! My daughter whom I missed being born by six months was in the arms of my mother in law. She was so beautiful she reminded me of God blessed love for me. Her name was Carley and as I looked at her brown hair and hazel eyes that glimmered she smiled. She was so awesome and amazingly beautiful as her mother was. I held her in my arms and began to cry I wasn’t ready for all this excitement. I began to walk towards the car and I began to slowly get in. When I got into the car I looked back into the backseat and watched my baby girl smile and play. I was so amazed that God had blessed me with this dream. As we were driving down the road I began to think back to everything that happened. How I lived through everything. Then I looked at my wife that I hadn’t seen in a 16 months. I realized those sixteen months were extremely long and stressful. I looked out the car and realized it was beginning to rain. I haven’t seen it rain in three months. It was nice to see it again and feel it against my face. I rolled the window up and leaned my head against it. When we arrived at the house I got out and grabbed my crutch and the side of the car to get to the door. I realized that I had the perfect life and everything I ever wanted. The time was three in the morning and it was raining hard with lightning outside. I woke up due to the light of the lightning. So as I lay in the bed my wife looked at me and told me she loved me and that she was glad I was home. Then I heard a crash downstairs and then decided to go check it out. I got downstairs and looked in the kitchen to find out that a bowl had fallen down. I then loomed into the living room and saw a guy I didn’t know and he looked at me and pulled a gun on me. I yelled at him that wasn’t going to do anything! He replied with a shot to my side and looked at me and said I am here to kill your family like you killed mine. I looked at him as I was bleeding from my side and remembered him. I remember running into this house in the Middle East and I tried to get this man’s family out. They looked at me and didn’t understand me. So I looked at my sergeant and he told me to waste them. I looked at him and questioned him. But those were his orders so I shot his wife and son in the head. I then left the house and went on my way. So back at the house as I was bleeding from my side he looked at me. Then he looked upstairs and as he was looking upstairs I hit him with my crutch. He fell onto his knees and then looked at me and I came at him and with everything I had and he then pulled the gun on me and fired. I fell backwards as I looked at my chest as I was bleeding from my side and my chest. My wife came running down the stairs and saw the man. She grabbed the gun next to the recliner and fired three times and hit target twice but killed him. She then saw me laying there and I looked at her and she said “I am so sorry I came as quick as I could.” She then raised my head and told me “baby I am so glad you’re in my life!” I looked at her and softly said “take care of my baby girl!” She then looked at me and kissed me. I looked at her for the last time and then closed my eyes forever.


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