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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Gruesome Twosome


Our fiery-haired and fiery-tempered female contribution of our duo has an affinity for those Pokemon which resemble serpents. Her most unforgettable pokécompanion, Arbok is seen alongside Jessie in many of her plans to steal pikachu in the original run of the anime. In Ep 35, The Legend of Dratini, We find Jessie longing for a new snake-like companion.

Ep 035(youtube)
With guns drawn and Arbok in plain sight, we get a host of phallic references to chew on... ewww... uh, while school girl Jess puts on the charm in an attempt to coax an old man into to showing her "where to find his dratini". It is also cool to note that the reason this episode is in Japanese, and why it may not ring any bells for the average North American Pokémainiac is because it was banned, not on count of the lewd behavior sickos can read into it, but for its use of violence.

By the time the show progresses to the Hoenn region, Jessie also obtains a not so subtle Seviper, continuing what I can read as no attempt to stifle such references for this type-A evildoer.


Our male Team Rocket member has his own preference for Pokémon. Most of these happen to be grass type, but two of which definitely have something to be accounted for. Both Victreebell and Carnevine have gain much enjoyment from engulfing James entirely. These being both carnivorous creatures as well as beings within the realm of flowers and plants, I have too say that, in contrast to what can be said of his partner's pokes, the imagery of female sexuality or genitalia can be seen.

This contrast could be what is worth looking into. In the shadow of a domineering and phallus wielding Jessie, James seems to be feminized. He is the soft spoken, backseat member of my all-time favorite evil syndicate. Taking the more crude route first, let's say that James is gay. We do find that James turns down women within the anime, as well as consistently fails to be respected by his female cohort. In the first season of the anime, James has his hands on two Weepinbell, each in turn becoming a fully bloomed Victreebell. In the Ep. Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid, the two meet and fall in love with one another, leaving James high and dry. If homosexuality is not encased within the anime then it is very likely that James's severe lack of game is (contested by no other character outside of you-know-who).

If we want to just be sick about it, looking for any and every excuse for sexual connotation we may look to the movesets of most of J & J's pokémon, starting from generation III, to find both "swallow" and "spit up" to be regular occurrences.

Meowfth, That's Right!!


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