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Monday, May 31, 2010

my bday was a pretty decent representation of the inside of my asshole

id like to start by giving out a few thanks
firstly the spectators performed brilliantly. the gambling really gave me a confidence booster. and the cheering and jeering. i never wanted anything more than good ol shit talking.

secondly, id like to give two big dicks way way up for the harp for his fantastic officiating. he kept us all in line. i cant tell you how many times i heard "SIT THE FUCK DOWN"

thirdly id like to thank myself for waxin ass.

secondly, to panther curse and brick. that shit was amazing. best bday of my life. i really appreciate all that you guys went through to make it a smashing success. heres to you silly niggas

lastly. ive got some major shit to talk about the 'captain'

you are a sorry son of a bitch and nobody likes you.
you traded pokemon after you saw my team
and that is bullshit and you are my mortal enemy from here on out.
if anyone but us ever reid-s this. they are gonna think, "woah. that 'tin can' is way petty."
i dont give a single shit how petty i am
the curse is the only one who deserves to have beat me
the captain is a cheap lucky little shit.
and we all know i had him

love you all
and this is for you guys


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